“Youth & Childrens classes temporarily suspended. At this time we welcome 18+ adults. Try out one or more classes a week. See schedule for more.”


Children/Youth membership options

Quarterly dues                                      $200

One class per week dues                   $100

Multiple children / family                       10% off 

One parent & more than one child        15% off 


Your child will receive a new do-gi in their size for no charge with their new membership and payment of quarterly dues. Remember you and your child can try a class for free during the school year. No pressure to sign.

6-Week Beginner

 Series  Adults

An introduction and exploration into the basics of Aikido training.


Oct 1 thru Nov 5

7:15 - 8:15 pm

$35 / participant





The dojo is more than a just place to learn self defense, get in shape, or spend time after work; it's a community of people studying a traditional art form in a sacred space. We work together so we can be more engaged, polished, and awake. It's a place where we refine our character, perfect our form, and shed our ego; a forge if you will. However, instead of heating metals, we are heating up our human potential. (Suzane Van Amburgh, Chief Instuctor Multnomah Aikikai. Our extended Aikido community).

Here we train intensely. We smile. We'd like to welcome you to the Aikido Takayama community.

Aikido Takayama is part of a larger aikido community. We are a member of Biranka Canada and Birankai North America. Seminars are held in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island as well as the United States. Our instructors and members are welcome to train at all Birankai sponsored seminars in North America. Aikido Takayama offers two scholarships per year. All members are free to apply for a scholarship to attend these important events. Shihan (master teachers ) teach at these events. The potential for excellerated growth in your training is very high. As well, interacting with the greater Birankai and aikido community gives us all a chance to build positive connections with the worldwide community. 

With membership comes benefits

  • Membership & Waiver: To become a member you simply need to sign a waiver and membership form. Soon we will have this available digitally. However, now we will email the forms to you after you've tried your first class. You must hand these to your teacher before your formal training can begin. 
  • Etiquette: You (and your child) will also receive an a PDF on Dojo Etiquette. Becoming familiar and using etiquette is part of your training in a traditional martial art. Ask your senior students more about this if you have any questions. 
  • Payment Policy: Payment is due the first day of the quarter or the month depending on your payment choice. You may pay through e-transfer, cash or cheque. 
  • Uniform & equipment: After you've decided to continue your training for more than a month you need to purchase a uniform. You can purchase it through Aikido Takayama or another martial art supply source. No other equipment is required. 

Membership general policies

Adult Fall Session


Ongoing regular body arts and weapons classes. Returning and former members welcome! Join us on the mats.


One class per week: $35

Up to 3 classes per week: $100/month

  • see schedule
  • Aikido Takayama Dojo
  • 7229 Mershon Street




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