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All are welcome. Come train with us.


Aikido Takayama is a dojo (school) in Mission, BC. We provide training in the Japanese martial art of Aikido. Through dynamic martial practice, the body is awakened, the mind is sharpened and the spirit is nourished. We teach patience, respect and perseverance in an open encouraging environment. We offer classes for all members of the community.

Aikido does not have tournaments, matches or competitions. Training in this martial art is with a partner in a harmonious yet powerful way. Part of the allure of aikido is the sense of community. When we practice this art we train partner to partner, with the potential to positively affect our daily lives and those around us. Aikido offers a place of personal and physical development. Come and watch a class. Try out your first class for free. We welcome you to the mat.  

Discover the Power of Aikido in Mission,BC

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